Rose water FILLIT+


If your favourite spray bottle will be empty soon, refill it! A well-priced kit that come with our new great makeup removal pads. If you are already have them at home or in a gym bag, you can give them to your girlfriend, for example.

  • 275 ml of 100% organic rose water, reusable bottle
  • Reusable MAKEUP REMOVER PADS with massaging and exfoliating effect
  • Also suitable for vegans and sensitive skin type

Read more about our truly clean and good natural rose water below. It really has so many uses and good features…



High quality double distillated rose water for improving one’s mood, moisturising the skin and for flavouring food and drinks.

The organic rose water can be added into clean potable water and be used for flavouring lemonade, fresh juice, cocktails, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt, cream, glazing and desserts, cookies, salads, dressings, stews, oriental or Asian food.

The recommended dose is 1 teaspoonful per 200 ml drinking water. In recipes use in smaller quantities to avoid over-flavouring.

The Rosaya organic rose water can also be used as micellar water for removing makeup and cleansing the face. Add in the bath water, in facial and hair masks or in invigorating compresses to reduce swelling.

Our rose water makes your hair soft and silky and reduces electric charge in your hair. In rooms with central heating and in winter it is an irreplaceable companion.

The best result is achieved when sprayed from a bottle on wet hair or spraying on dry hair during the day.

This big bottle is meant for refilling the 100 ml spray bottle.


Rosaya rose water is distilled from the petals of Rosa Damascena or the Damascus rose. In order to make one litre of rose water, 1 kg of fresh rose petals are needed. Read HERE in more detail how the highly-valued organic rose water is made.

Content: 100% organic Rosa Damascena P. Miller rose water, comprising rose oil 0.09%, pH 5.3.

No preservatives, colorants and fragrances included.

Allergic reactions possible only in very rare cases if the person is allergic to some natural agent. In such a case stop using it and give the bottle to your friend!

Origin: Bulgaria Rose Valley

Watch a small drone video of a 100-year-old distillery where our Rose Water is made

Patch nr: T`23

Biocert nr: BG-BIO-02.2023.001

Can be stored at room temperature, but best used chilled.

Best before: 21.12.2025


We use high quality food grade aluminium bottles. Please retain our pretty aluminium rose water bottle. You can obtain a new product from our retailer for one Euro cheaper if you have an empty Rosaya rose water bottle. Please read more about the reuse of our packaging HERE!

Let us save nature from excessive waste!

Reusable makeup remover pads

A pleasant and efficient alternative to cotton pads for you! With our reusable face cleansing pads you can save up to 49 EUR per year! In addition, they enable to decrease production and over-consumption. Make your beauty routine more environment-friendly!

Rosaya soft pads are for

– gently peeling and massaging the skin

–  makeup removal

–  cleansing the face

–  multiple use

– skin-friendly

– produced of fabric residues

– 100% organic cotton


Variant 1: massage the face cleansing oil or milk on the face and in the cleavage area. Make the face cleansing pad wet in warm water, squeeze a little bit and gently wipe your face, neck and cleavage area.

Variant 2: use our rose water or micellar water on our makeup remover pad. Wipe with one side and then with the other side. Use two pads if necessary in case of more substantial makeup.

Variant 3: Use pads also for removing the eye makeup and for facial and body treatment procedures.

Right after cleansing spray Rosaya water on the skin for moisturizing and for the restoration of pH level. The organic rose water enhances rejuvenation of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, calms irritated skin and sun-burns, alleviates acne and improves your mood!

Wash pads with warm water and organic soap. We recommend washing once a week with 60 degree water and iron at 150‒200 ⁰C.

Enjoy pleasant usage!


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