Finally: Rosaya’s dream came true and YOU are part of it!

Roosivee komplekt "FAMILY; Rose water set "FamilY"

From the beginning, Rosaya has been trying to find ways to reduce the ecological footprint of production and packaging. We love Estonia and our home planet and want it to remain beautiful and clean for our children.

The future of the earth is threatened by a number of serious problems, and these are known to all. Rosaya cannot solve all of them, but we are doing as much as we can.

Important environmental issues that we could today help to relieve together are:

– global flood of plastic packaging

– rapid depletion of natural resources due to overproduction

– the ever-increasing volume of household waste

To a large extent, these problems are rooted in over-consumption and the purchase of low-quality and meaningless things. People want to consume and relieve stress, and companies want to sell and make profit.

We want to sell you only what you really need. Rosaya’s products do not contain pointless stuff or any extra gram of plastic.

Since we know that you also care about nature and would like to do something for the environment, we offer you to do that with our products. Reduce your ecological footprint with us.

Neither we nor you like plastic packaging, which is why we started to use aluminium packaging.

Why is aluminium good?

  • Hermetic and light fast – ensures the best storage conditions for the product.
  • Light and unbreakable – convenient to carry, safer and more cost-effective transport.
  • Reusable – long life, retains appearance.
  • Good temperature resistance and thermal conductivity – can be cooled quickly.
  • Can be used for engraved – cost savings, longer packaging life, long-lasting presentable appearance.
  • Recyclable – high recyclability of packaging.

Rosaya’s rose water aluminium bottles are of high quality and coated on the inside with a safe resin layer. Aluminium and rose water therefore do not come into contact with each other. This special packaging is completely safe for food packaging and is ideal for Rosaya.

We are pleased that aluminium bottles have found warm approval of our customers. It is particularly noted that the bottle is light, safe and chic to carry around.

Thanks to the unceasing effort to do even better and be even better, Rosaya’s long-held dream finally came true in the autumn. We were the first in Estonia, and perhaps even outside our country, to introduce laser engraving in product labelling.

This innovation allows the customer to use the packaging repeatedly over a long period of time without losing its appearance and presentability over time.

What are the environmental benefits of using aluminium packaging?

  • The production of packaging and the resulting waste of natural resources and environmental pollution will decrease.
  • The use of labels and paper production is reduced, leaving more trees in the forest.
  • The amount of household waste and the resource in waste management are reduced.

By buying one beautiful engraved spray bottle, you can use it for a long time. We offer larger, 275 ml ones, as well as aluminium refillable bottles for refilling. We create a return cycle for them.

You can already get a new product one euro cheaper for your old Rosaya’s aluminium bottle at our retailers.

By spring, we will give customers the opportunity to return empty bottles to us free of charge. If the bottle is suitable for reuse, we pasteurize it and recycle it.

When a bottle is damaged, it is remelted and thus comes to life again.

This is how we see sustainable and environmentally friendly production in Rosaya. We hope you like our vision and would be happy if other companies would follow our example.

Thank you for caring with us.

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