Customer feedback: “Rosaya rose water has become my intrinsic, daily companion!” – Kristina Kadak

Kristina Kadak


My first encounter with Rosaya rose water took place in a small ‘nest’ where it was for sale. A good acquaintance had already seen it and presented it as the best rose water ever. Since her word is reasonably credible for me in this area, I carried a bottle with me on the same day. It was over a year ago. (If not more.)

Rosaya rose water has become my intrinsic, everyday companion ♥

After a light facial cleansing in the morning (before cream / serum / oil) Rose water.

After evening facial cleansing (before cream / serum / oil) – Rose water.

Need for a refreshing touch during the day – Rose water.

Dry indoor air – Rose water.

Under Makeup / for Makeup Refresh – Rose water.

The cream left home, and the skin is a little annoyed – Rose water.

After shave – Rose water.

Scratches, irritations, concussions – Rose water.

In love / happy – Rose water.

Feeling down – Rose water.

Sad mood – Rose water.

Being dizzy – Rose water.

Moment to breathe – Rose water.

Hypersensitivity (not to roses, of course!) – Rose water.


And, of course it’s Rosaya’s, because it is arguably the best in the market! Both in terms of smell and properties.

My 6-year-old daughter also has her own bottle of Rosaya rose water spray, because she too has discovered its comforting, refreshing and soothing properties. Recently she fell and hit her head and elbow painfully. Dropping big crocodile tears, she asked dad to bring her rose water: “.. it will help my body.” Is there anything to add here?!

It is also known to be used in the preparation of food and cocktails, and it is also an important component in the preparation of creams and the like for those who love to make their own cosmetics products. I lack any personal experience so far, but my little lady has meanwhile sprayed it directly from her spray bottle into her mouth 🙂  There really isn’t much place or time when it can’t be used.

Oh, yes – another important nuance for why I have consistently stayed with Rosaya rose water – the company values its customers and communicates with them sincerely. We are responsible and take this ‘extra step’ so many times to make the customer even happier! You can’t help but hold such an event and support it!

Thanks to the roses, the manufacturers and our good editors!

Kristina (40),

Secretary of study


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