Rose water – The whole truth about real rose water and how it´s made!

Roosivesi valmistamine- Rose water how its made

In this story you will learn from what, where and how real rose water is made. Which is a real, good and functional rose water.

Many people do not know that not all roses are suitable for making a rose water. The best cultivar to make rose water is the legendary oil-giving Damascus rose with its Latin name Rosa damascena. Rosa Damascena oil is one of the most expensive in the world and is highly valued in aromatherapy. Rosaya’s rose water is produced from roses of the Rosa damascena cultivar.

Our rose water’s birthplace is in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, between the mountain ranges of the Balkans. There is something absolutely special about the combination of air, soil, climate and sunlight that makes rose flowers produce particularly valuable and high-quality oil. That is why rose water has been produced in the Rose Valley for over 300 years. Almost half of the world’s rose oil comes from there!

Rosa Damascena fields in Rose Valley Bulgaria

High-quality and organic rose water can only be obtained from roses grown in a very clean environment and from very pure mountain spring water. For Rosaya’s rose water, roses are grown in chemical-free, organic and forested areas separated from the rest of the world. Our supplier’s rose and lavender fields cover a total of 160 hectares right in the heart of the Rose Valley, and natural fertilizer is produced from the used plant residues.

Copper stills and tanks, where rose water has been made for 110 years, have been renovated and are still in use.

Preparations for the distillation of rose flowers

A respectable distillery with a 110-year history, where rose flowers become miracle water, was established in 1909. Despite the modern renovation, we are proud of our long history and there are exciting photographs of the early days of the factory on the walls. All old and valuable that can be used and of course copper production equipment has been preserved. Copper is a well-known antibacterial and virus-destroying metal and it is ideal for the production of rose water.

Every year it all starts in May.

Rosa Damascena field

A few hundred people gather at sunrise in wonderfully fragrant rose fields, and the rose petals are carefully picked into wicker baskets. It seems simple and even romantic, but it is actually a hard work. However, the rose gatherers get a worthy reward and the work only lasts until the sun is still half asleep, i.e until 11:00. In addition, gatherers are paid more before 9:00, as early morning flowers are more valuable.

Rosa Damascena

Morning dewdrops on rose petals are not only beautiful, but also give the rose water a particularly intense aroma and help the petals maintain a higher oil content. But that is what the quality of rose water depends on. Countless beautiful rose petals travel in closed plastic bags from rose fields to the distillery. On the same day the distillation process begins, because only fresh petals can become a high-quality rose water.

The production process is one of the most important factors in producing high-quality rose water

The exact weighed quantity of flowers is added to the distiller

Upon arrival at the distillery, fresh rose petals and water are poured in the exact proportions into the distillation tank. The water is then heated in a container to a certain temperature. The hot water vapor generated during this process takes with it all that is good about rose petals. The steam is then cooled and directed to the condenser. Valuable condensed water droplets are collected in a container, and thus millions of rose petals have become a magical rose water.

Rose flowers picked in the morning which all need to be processed on the same day

Pure rose water is a completely organic product, which has preserved all the useful substances hidden in rose petals.

Young Rosa Damascena flower button in its beauty

Rosaya’s rose water also goes through double distillation. Thanks to which we can offer You the highest quality and degree of purity. Our rose water has both an eco- and a food certificate, which proves that it is a pure and natural product

Rose water- From now on only in reusable packaging

Rosaya’s organic rose water can be used internally, for example to relieve bloating and to gargle, as well as in exciting recipes and drinks. Rose water with flavours of vanilla, cardamom, coconut, almonds, etc. is especially nice.

Of course, rose water is extremely good for the skin: it reduces inflammation, redness, skin irritation, mimic wrinkles, moisturizes and relieves stress, successfully fights acne and pimples. Many men, like women, use rose water after shaving and are very satisfied with it.

Rosaya’s rose water is produced as a separate product, not as a residual product of rose oil!

Pure and high-quality rose water is 100% organic and contains nothing but spring water and natural rose petals.

You will recognize rose water produced and diluted as a residual product. In terms of significantly lower oil content, low acidity, artificial ingredients and additives and preservatives.

Low-quality rose water is often not marked with its oil content and pH level. Otherwise no one would probably buy it 🙁

A 110-year-old recipe

Distillery House Museum

And every right product has its own recipe. Rosaya’s rose water recipe is over 110 years old. It´s states exactly what the right indicators of quality rose water should be in terms of aroma, oil content and acidity.

Watch a small drone video of a 100-year-old distillery where our Rose Water is made

An aluminum bottle is the best choice for storing rose water

Unbreakable, light-resistant, easier for you to carry and lower transport costs for us and many more reasons. Engraved, a 100 ml bottle of rose water is your beautiful companion even for years. In the future, you can buy rose water approx. 2.5 x cheaper in a 275 ml refill bottle. You can read about how we want to save the world with our recyclable bottles in our blog!

If you wish, we will engrave a bottle of rose water with a name or even a small poem for You or Your loved one! Awesome, isn’t it?

We manufacture custom-made and designed rose water bottles.


Now you know exactly from which, where and how a real rose water is made, but maybe You want to read it HERE in which cases rose water can help You.

Discover the magic of roses!

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