Rose water benefits for hair

Rose water is unbelievably versatile; besides keeping your skin looking fabulous, it can also do wonders for your hair. If your hair needs a pick-me-up due to excessive exposure to the sun, cold, pollution, and heavy use of heat-styling tools, then rose water can bring your hair back to life.

Rose water truly is a miracle elixir!

Rose water has beneficial properties that make it ideal for the hair and scalp. Rose water is excellent fighting dandruff, and it reduces oiliness in hair. During winter, season rose water is superb to calm down frizz and add shine. Using rose water is a simple and inexpensive way to make sure your locks will stay hydrated and nourished at all year round. Hard minerals like calcium can build up in your hair and make them brittle. Rose water can help with that and soften your hair; this is especially beneficial if your city has hard water.

The best thing about rose water is that it is very easy to use, it has healing properties, and it is 100% organic!

Rose water promotes hair growth as it contains vitamins A, C, E, and B3, which all are essential to strengthen the hair. The use of rose water stimulates the scalp and prevents hair fall. Besides, rose water has a calming and soothing fragrance that may help to lift your mood. Rose water smells can work as aromatherapy, especially if you have a stressful day ahead of you. Just spray some rosewater in your hair, and you can enjoy the smell of roses all day.

Do you have hair extensions? Then rose water can help to clean your extensions without having to wash them thoroughly. Simply spray rosewater directly to your hair, and it will kill the bacteria present.


  • Simple add bit of rose water to your favorite shampoo or conditioner
  • Spray directly to hair to decrease frizz or to add fragrance to your hair
  • For scalp problems like dandruff, you can pour rose water to a cotton swab and directly use it for the scalp, then gently massage it.
  • You may also leave rosewater in your hair for several hours or overnight as a cure.


Rose Water & Coconut Oil: This combo is an effective hair conditioner. Use this for soft and silky hair. It can be on hair as an overnight treatment.

Lemon & Rosewater: Both lemon and rosewater will help to soothe an inflamed scalp. Since lemon is acidic, it can’t be left overnight because it will dry the hair. Best to leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Rosaya Organic Rose water

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